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Dependent upon the application, a selected pump is supplied with drive and baseplate. Our supplier relationships and workshop facilities enable your order to be processed efficiently.

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    End Suction Centrifugal

    Safe Area and Atex approved pumps for hot and cold liquids in the food, brewing, distillery and petrochemical industries.

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    Rotary Lobe Pumps

    Rotary lobe pumps and inline macerators for Biogas plants, sewerage sludges and food waste / abattoirs.

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    Multistage Centrifugal

    Multistage centrifugal pumps for boiler feed, water boosting and washdown sets

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    End Suction Centrifugal

    Helical rotor pumps for handling abrasive and viscous materials on individual applications.

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    Hygienic Centrifugal

    Hygienic centrifugal pumps in 316 stainless steel, for food, brewing, soft drinks, dairy and pharmaceutical applications.

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    Peristaltic Pump

    Positive Displacement pumps and hoses for handling abrasive, viscous liquids with large solids.

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    Submersible centrifugal pumps for pumping clean and contaminated water.

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    Dosing Pump

    Chemical metering pumps for accurate dosing of chemicals.

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    Self Priming Centrifugal

    Superior solids handling self-priming pumps for solid laden liquids and slurries.

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    Air Operated Diaphragm

    Air operated diaphragm pumps with superior suction lift capabilities and capable of handling both high and low viscosity liquids.

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    Mag Drive

    Glandless magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps to transfer or circulate aggressive chemicals including acids and alkalis.

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    M&E Projects

    Bespoke pump units designed to customer requirement / application. Fabrication and pipe work carried out in-house

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    UV Disinfection

    Highly efficient disinfection solutions, including the new Validated Range of WRAS Approved UV disinfection units.

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    Bag/Cartridge Filters

    Stainless steel bag and cartridge housings, single or multiples that can be used with wound, spun, pleated and carbon media.

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    Side Entry Mixers

    Rugged, heavy-duty design, side entry mixers for blending, homogenising and temperature uniformity duties.

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    Turnkey Projects

    Complete turnkey projects including design, supply, installation, civil and electrical works.

Excel Engineering Services has an extensive range of reconditioned valves for sale.


Please click link below for a current list of valves in stock.


Manpower is usually one of the largest costs involved with any business. The modern culture of carrying no extra labour works well if all goes to plan, but regularly there is the requirement for supplementary labour to cover for seasonal peaks in demand or workload, sickness cover or merely to breach a temporary skills gap.

JBD Tritec can offer skilled tradesmen at very short notice to cover all eventualities. Due to the diverse nature of our business, our operatives have been exposed to many different types of industries and working enviroments, this experience stands them in good stead in many different situations. Our tradesmen are trained and certificated to work on forklifts, cherry pickers and most types of lifting equipment. They also are qualified scaffold erectors, and have CSCS card holders.

We regularly are the preferred choice for equipment suppliers, who require a skilled, flexible squad to carry out installations in Scotland. We would normally supply a chargehand and a team of men to carry out the works, and we would have a manager reponsible for the installation, liaising between our chargehand and the suppliers project manager. We have a fully equipped workshop, as well as accounts with all the main national plant hire companies.

We would be delighted to quote competitive hourly rates for any forthcoming works.


For over 30 years, JBD Tritec has been a leading supplier of pipework and mechanical services to the process and manufacturing sectors in the UK. Our list of regular clients reflects our quality, flexibility and commitment to excellence in the products and services we deliver.

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